Deep Springs Technology (DST) is the world leader in small hollow sphere manufacturing. We manufacture high quality shells for industrial, commercial and military applications. Our shells can be fabricated from various materials such as metal, glass or ceramics, including silicon carbide.


DST’s small, hollow metal alloy and Silicon Carbide shells can be encapsulated in a lightweight metal matrix composite. The composite has a high strength to weight ratio, and a uniform geometry matrix capable of absorbing large amounts of energy at high strain rates. This composite may be used to supplement existing armor to increase its effectiveness.


DST’s hollow Silicon Carbide shells are ideal for deep-sea operations. Engineered ceramics are perfect for this application because of its high compressive strength. DST shells are small and are not susceptible to failure due to chain reaction of collapse that plagues ceramics macro-shells.


In addition to the traditional thermal properties of DST shells, the shells exhibit all the classic physical properties associated with advanced ceramics, including electrical insulation, optical benefits, extreme hardness, and resistance to chemical corrosion.

press release july 2015


The research team of Nikhil Gupta, a NYU School of Engineering associate professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Deep Springs Technology (Toledo, OH) and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, published their findings in Materials Science and Engineering: A . The study focused on an aluminum alloy filled with hollow alumina particles sandwiched with carbon fabric face-sheets. The team discovered that the resulting layered material reduced weight but also increased stiffness and offered high energy absorption. These qualities make the metal matrix syntactic foam sandwich attractive for automotive floor board panels and other applications in which bending properties are important.

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press release june 2012

dst shells used in metal matrix composites

CPS Technologies, a producer of advanced Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) is unveiling armor grade materials produced by this advanced process, enabling armor designers to produce ballistic and blast mitigating materials providing higher strength at lower specific weigh. The process enables the designer to increase the toughness of ceramic tiles in composite armor systems, by selectively reinforcing them with metal and metal matrix composites, the layered compound is then packaged in hermetic layers of high pressure cast aluminum.

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press release july 2011

dst featured in land warfare international

Deep Springs Technology is pleased to announce a feature article in Land Warfare International. DST’s Metal Matrix Composite (MMC), is up to 39% lighter than traditional lightweight armor and posses excellent energy absorbing capabilities. DST’s hollow shells may be formed in a variety or materials include SiC and Aluminum and in various shapes; including hexagonal, spherical or cylindrical. DST’s technology was selected by DARPA to participate in the Vehicle Armor Challenge (VAC). The VAC is intended to attract innovative solutions from small companies, and help them produce workable solutions rapidly.

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press release january 2011


Looking to make vehicles safer without adding unnecessary weight, DARPA keeps its eyes open for revolutionary and promising new armor concepts. Deep Springs Technology’s (DST) new hollow shell material caught DARPA’s eye, which resulted in an invitation to participate in the prestigious DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge!

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For more information on Deep Springs Technology’s silicon carbide hollow shells, or hollow shells made of other material, please contact Oliver Strbik at 419.536.5741 x 120 or .

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Oil & Gas Innovation Center

DST has been invited to present at the 2011 Innovation Showcase on Wednesday, October 26th in Houston, Texas.
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Syntactic and Composite Foams III

DST will be presenting two papers entitled: “Novel Armor Composite with Hollow Spheres “and “Advances in Buoyancy Foam using Hollow Spheres“ at the Syntactic and Composite Foams Conference in Cetraro Italy.


Society of Information Display

DST will be exhibiting at SID's Display Week in Los Angeles, May 15th thru the 20th. Make sure you stop by and visit us at Booth 1600.


TMS Annual Meeting

At TMS's 140th Annual Meeting, DST presented a paper entitled “Initial Characterization of Aluminum Based Syntactic Foam”


50th Patent Party

DST and IST celebrated receiving their 50th patent with an open house and small awards ceremony.