Engineering The Strongest Foam in the World

Deep Springs Technology hollow shells and Al/SiC syntactic foams presented between 0:50 to 1:15.

As we race into the future of space travel, electric cars, and high impact sports, some of our biggest challenges are not actually how we design our future modes of transportation but what we actually build them with. It’s a brave new world, and with a new world, we need new materials. Unlike its soft padded equivalent, syntactic foam may be the material key to protecting ourselves in the future.

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Deep Springs Technology's Flexible Body Armor

One system incorporates Boron Carbide (B4C) ceramic balls tightly wound using para-aramid filament and encapsulated within a lightweight flexible polymer with buoyancy provided by a foam spall liner backing. The other solution features an interlocking hex tile. Key attribute of hex tile design is the interlocking plates provide flexibility, and during a ballistic impact tiles lock up and form a single large ceramic plate to reduce the blunt force trauma.

Click here to see the video in HD!